The game of seduction Boucheron: Size Wasp: "Invite to fantasy ...

Boucheron. Necklace Size Wasp. Set with pink cultured pearls with diamonds pears, shuttles and round, white gold. All designs are detachable for portability into two separate pins, a pair of earrings and a pendant.

The feminine charm and assurance of having a dream snug size is the spark that triggered the idea of adornment "Size Wasp. Diamonds and pearls used pink pink pearlized shades reminiscent of a corset with silk ribbons that intertwine.

On one side of the necklace, diamond waterfalls come to life freely like ribbons that release size arched. The curved shapes of the motifs are a subtle reminder of the corset sculpts the body of the woman.

"Size Wasp" is the most versatile dress collection. The necklace can transform a variety of ways: By removing one, several, or all motifs that adorn the woman who owns it can be equipped with a pair of earrings, a pendant and two pins, while keeping a beautiful necklace of white gold covered with more than 700 diamonds ... appealing offer, if any!

This season, Boucheron women reveals new secrets of beauty with seven new Haute Joaillerie creations that seduce and excite the world. A collection that captures light, emphasizes the look and illuminates the skin with lines fanning the flames of desire, this is why "The Game of Seduction" has been designed.

Boucheron and the Game of Seduction

For a woman who knows and knows how to use her charms, choose the dress that suits them perfectly is a delicate art that must be mastered. Put a pin on the lapel of a suit, or the border of a dress, hanging a pair of earrings to illuminate a face, attach a collar to emphasize a neckline, wear a ring to enhance the beauty with one hand ... All these gems are in the range of tricks seduction of a woman.

The many faces of a dream
Each woman has her jewelry and they can vary depending on its place, different times of the day or simply his mood. This collection includes one of the ideas dear to Boucheron make jewelry that are not frozen. In this spirit, most of them are modular. A gesture is enough to change the "focused". The central motif of a necklace pendant or turns on a spit. The reasons become another earrings or even hair ornament. Seduction is a game, following the desires of the woman who wears these jewels.

The beauty of women that enhances the stones
The choice of jewel is the ultimate step of setting a woman's beauty. But before jewels adorn a woman has many more intimate rituals to prepare. These are sensual moves that have inspired the collection of "Game of Seduction". Each ornament Fine Jewelry based on one of many aspects of the instant beauty of a woman in her dressing room before going out to conquer the world.

Boucheron. Necklace Size Wasp.


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