The game of seduction Boucheron: Captivating Wake "Getting drunk with a fragrance ''

The game of seduction Boucheron

Boucheron. Necklace "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond with diamonds on white gold. The central motif is removable to be worn separately as a pendant.

This is the first index of subtle alchemy that sometimes occurs between two people. The beginning of the madness of the senses. A fragrance that flourishes in contact with the skin. A scent that escapes from a neckline or acting as a kiss perfume behind the ear. A memory forever mark the olfactory memory. That is what the craftsmen Boucheron bore in mind when they designed the attire of Haute Joaillerie "Captivating Wake".

The course of this dress evokes a misty movement comparable to that of a rare species. The scrolls diamond necklace wrap on the skin. In his heart, a diamond 3 carats pear shines in the center of a perfumed veil, as the last precious drop and a powerful elixir. This piece, like the scent of a woman leaving an unforgettable wake after its passage.

The ornament comes with a ring and a pair of earrings. The central motif of the necklace is detachable and can be worn as a pendant and offers the possibility of a worn shorter.

Like a fragrance declined in different intensities, "Captivating Wake" will also be offered in a lighter alternative.

Boucheron. Ring "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond, paved with diamonds, white gold.

Boucheron. Studs Earrings "Captivating Wake". Paved with round diamonds on white gold.

Boucheron. Necklace "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond, paved with diamonds, white gold, diamond chain.


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