The game of seduction Boucheron: Grip - Heart "Attracting attention ..."

Boucheron. Hang Necklace - Heart. Set with a round diamond briolettes and diamonds, pavé diamonds, white gold. The necklace is converted into a brooch, two bracelets and a bar.

The hair of a woman is the crowning of his glory. It is a powerful weapon of seduction, wearing carefully, inevitably encourages men to caress, to undo a loop or set aside a bit. The women spend hours playing with their hair to move it, make it more provocative have been appreciated by the workshop Boucheron who has spent over 500 hours to develop the necklace Grip - Heart. " In honor of ten flexible loops and shiny, the dress shimmers in the glare of his admirable diamonds.

As the name implies, the heart of the necklace, white gold, is a lock of hair. In its center is a sparkling round diamond. Swirling around him, loops over 480 diamonds curl, evoking the shimmering hair, framed in a beautiful face. Over the entire length of the necklace, a feeling of lightness is given by the double row of diamonds around the neck briolettes. Thanks to their many facets, they absorb light and reflect it back in all directions. Several diamond earrings are going to separate them and close the necklace back.

But the magnificence of this dress reveals other treasures. Artisans Boucheron dressed up a system processing the necklace into four parts. The central motif can be worn as a brooch. The double rows of diamond briolettes easily removed to form two beautiful bracelets. And, in perfect harmony with the inspiration of this dress, the clasp of the necklace becomes a hair clip.

Boucheron. Hang Pin - Heart. Paved with round diamonds, white gold (Detachable Neck)

Boucheron. Grip Barrette - Heart. Interlocking diamonds, white gold (VAMF detachable diamond, white gold (detachable collar).

Boucheron. Grip Strap - Heart. Pavé diamonds, white gold (detachable collar).

Boucheron. Hang Earrings - Heart. Set with diamond briolettes with diamonds, white gold.

Boucheron. Hang Earrings - Heart. Interlocking diamonds, white gold.


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