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Three pins and clip-shaped flowers, 1960

Boucheron. 1960. Spindle

Platinum and gold 18 kts pink enamel guilloche background. Leaves and the pistil are accented with baguette diamonds and brightened.

Cartier. Pin rosehip

yellow gold, diamond pistils. Signed and numbered.

Clip-shaped pink. French work. 1960.

Boucheron Jewelry Paris Jewels.

Art Deco diamond bracelet by Boucheron, circa 1929.

Comprising a flexible tape, pad size small round diamonds old, diamonds and squares the largest diamond baguettes set geometric decoration pyramidal degrees out on each side by a succession of rollers set with round diamonds size 8 / 8 and rods, platinum setting, punch French.

Tiara Necklace "laurel" diamonds, Boucheron.

Comprised of articulated links with decoration of flowers bay set with diamonds falling old, 40.5 cm., Gold mount and silver, in its green morocco blue monogrammed.

Necessary rubies and sapphires by Boucheron.

The rectangular, with openwork flowers, butterflies and birds punctuated with rubies and sapphires on the bottom mirror discovering three compartments and two lipstick tubes, frames in gold and silver, French hallmarks, in its case, around 1950.

Poudrier ruby by Boucheron.

The rectangular silver, with openwork butterflies and flowers in engraved gold and pierced on the bottom mirror, punctuated with cabochon rubies, yellow gold clasp discovering a powder compartment, circa 1950, French hallmarks, with his wallet and box.

Poudrier sapphires and rubies, Boucheron.

The rectangular silver, with openwork gold leaves and butterflies dotted with sapphires and rubies round, against a mirror, revealing a powder compartment, circa 1950, in a beige suede bag in a box Boucheron, punches French.

Poudrier rubies, Boucheron and tube lipstick on.
The compact square shape silver decorated with flowers and butterflies on the bottom engraved gold mirror, gold ribbed clasp compartment revealing a powder, lipstick tube-suite punctuated rubies and synthetic rubies, punches French, circa 1950. The compact signed Boucheron Paris, no. 875012, tube no. 539. Accompanied by two evening bags in satin black and white grosgrain (4) Estimate € 400 - € 600 ($ 503 - $ 755)

Pair of earrings, rings, ring Boucheron, Dior ring, bracelet and brooch flower citrine

Pair of earrings in yellow gold and platinum, each formed of a fish set with a citrine pear, head, fins and a hook that holds, set with brilliant cut diamonds.


White gold ring adorned with faceted citrine cabochon in a beautiful shoulder lines alternating diamonds and sapphires.


Boucheron. Yellow gold ring decorated with a model Esmeralda citrine cabochon in a circle of three ellipses set with faceted citrine.


Flower brooch set with citrine oval many, stem and leaf curved united set with garnets Demantoid. Painted about 1960.


DIOR. Ring Mizzah model, half-rod yellow gold flecks of black enamel adorned with a citrine cabochon held by four claws also spotted.

The game of seduction Boucheron: Size Wasp: "Invite to fantasy ...

Boucheron. Necklace Size Wasp. Set with pink cultured pearls with diamonds pears, shuttles and round, white gold. All designs are detachable for portability into two separate pins, a pair of earrings and a pendant.

The feminine charm and assurance of having a dream snug size is the spark that triggered the idea of adornment "Size Wasp. Diamonds and pearls used pink pink pearlized shades reminiscent of a corset with silk ribbons that intertwine.

On one side of the necklace, diamond waterfalls come to life freely like ribbons that release size arched. The curved shapes of the motifs are a subtle reminder of the corset sculpts the body of the woman.

"Size Wasp" is the most versatile dress collection. The necklace can transform a variety of ways: By removing one, several, or all motifs that adorn the woman who owns it can be equipped with a pair of earrings, a pendant and two pins, while keeping a beautiful necklace of white gold covered with more than 700 diamonds ... appealing offer, if any!

This season, Boucheron women reveals new secrets of beauty with seven new Haute Joaillerie creations that seduce and excite the world. A collection that captures light, emphasizes the look and illuminates the skin with lines fanning the flames of desire, this is why "The Game of Seduction" has been designed.

Boucheron and the Game of Seduction

For a woman who knows and knows how to use her charms, choose the dress that suits them perfectly is a delicate art that must be mastered. Put a pin on the lapel of a suit, or the border of a dress, hanging a pair of earrings to illuminate a face, attach a collar to emphasize a neckline, wear a ring to enhance the beauty with one hand ... All these gems are in the range of tricks seduction of a woman.

The many faces of a dream
Each woman has her jewelry and they can vary depending on its place, different times of the day or simply his mood. This collection includes one of the ideas dear to Boucheron make jewelry that are not frozen. In this spirit, most of them are modular. A gesture is enough to change the "focused". The central motif of a necklace pendant or turns on a spit. The reasons become another earrings or even hair ornament. Seduction is a game, following the desires of the woman who wears these jewels.

The beauty of women that enhances the stones
The choice of jewel is the ultimate step of setting a woman's beauty. But before jewels adorn a woman has many more intimate rituals to prepare. These are sensual moves that have inspired the collection of "Game of Seduction". Each ornament Fine Jewelry based on one of many aspects of the instant beauty of a woman in her dressing room before going out to conquer the world.

Boucheron. Necklace Size Wasp.

The game of seduction Boucheron: Coquette Powderpuff "Being a beauty ..."

Boucheron. Coquette Necklace Powderpuff. Set with an oval sapphire with diamonds, sapphires, blue, pink and purple, and feathers, white gold. The reasons are removable to be worn separately as a brooch, or adjusted according to the desire on the neck.

Appealing to women and help to attract around them is a dogma of the House of Boucheron since its inception in 1858.
Adornments Haute Joaillerie "Coquette Powderpuff" enthusiastically embraces this philosophy. Boucheron has explored the makeup kit for women to get out of this drawing: a jewel resembling a powder puff.
The use of the puff, made of feathers, was widespread at the time of Marie - Antoinette. The ladies of the Court used it to perfume, to powder and add a subtle glow to their faces. Flash Boucheron which is now attracting attention in reinterpreting the puff, white gold and precious stones planted in a powdered sapphire purple, pink and blue. The original element of this dress (besides the magnificent sapphire oval in the center that weighs more than 5 carats) is the insertion of feathers in the jewel.

All three puffs feathers is detachable and can be swiped at will on the collar. The puffs can be worn together, alone or in pairs. They can also turn on a spit. The feathers can be removed and replaced with others of different colors. The ensemble is completed by a pair of earrings.

Adornments "Coquette Puff" is also developed exclusive edition. The collar, playful, then formed a diamond scarf adorned with two feathers and pompoms gemstones. Again, the feathers can be removed and replaced by others of different shades and textures. The necklace goes with the earrings with puffs at the ends are also adorned with feathers and gems.

Boucheron. Earrings Coquette Powderpuff. Interlocking diamonds and sapphires, white gold.

Boucheron. Collier Coquette Powderpuff. Pave diamonds, blue sapphires, pink and purple, and feathers, white gold. The collar can be worn at various lengths with a running ring.

Boucheron. Earrings Coquette Powderpuff Interlocking diamonds and sapphires, white gold.

The game of seduction Boucheron: Grip - Heart "Attracting attention ..."

Boucheron. Hang Necklace - Heart. Set with a round diamond briolettes and diamonds, pavé diamonds, white gold. The necklace is converted into a brooch, two bracelets and a bar.

The hair of a woman is the crowning of his glory. It is a powerful weapon of seduction, wearing carefully, inevitably encourages men to caress, to undo a loop or set aside a bit. The women spend hours playing with their hair to move it, make it more provocative have been appreciated by the workshop Boucheron who has spent over 500 hours to develop the necklace Grip - Heart. " In honor of ten flexible loops and shiny, the dress shimmers in the glare of his admirable diamonds.

As the name implies, the heart of the necklace, white gold, is a lock of hair. In its center is a sparkling round diamond. Swirling around him, loops over 480 diamonds curl, evoking the shimmering hair, framed in a beautiful face. Over the entire length of the necklace, a feeling of lightness is given by the double row of diamonds around the neck briolettes. Thanks to their many facets, they absorb light and reflect it back in all directions. Several diamond earrings are going to separate them and close the necklace back.

But the magnificence of this dress reveals other treasures. Artisans Boucheron dressed up a system processing the necklace into four parts. The central motif can be worn as a brooch. The double rows of diamond briolettes easily removed to form two beautiful bracelets. And, in perfect harmony with the inspiration of this dress, the clasp of the necklace becomes a hair clip.

Boucheron. Hang Pin - Heart. Paved with round diamonds, white gold (Detachable Neck)

Boucheron. Grip Barrette - Heart. Interlocking diamonds, white gold (VAMF detachable diamond, white gold (detachable collar).

Boucheron. Grip Strap - Heart. Pavé diamonds, white gold (detachable collar).

Boucheron. Hang Earrings - Heart. Set with diamond briolettes with diamonds, white gold.

Boucheron. Hang Earrings - Heart. Interlocking diamonds, white gold.

The game of seduction Boucheron: Captivating Wake "Getting drunk with a fragrance ''

The game of seduction Boucheron

Boucheron. Necklace "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond with diamonds on white gold. The central motif is removable to be worn separately as a pendant.

This is the first index of subtle alchemy that sometimes occurs between two people. The beginning of the madness of the senses. A fragrance that flourishes in contact with the skin. A scent that escapes from a neckline or acting as a kiss perfume behind the ear. A memory forever mark the olfactory memory. That is what the craftsmen Boucheron bore in mind when they designed the attire of Haute Joaillerie "Captivating Wake".

The course of this dress evokes a misty movement comparable to that of a rare species. The scrolls diamond necklace wrap on the skin. In his heart, a diamond 3 carats pear shines in the center of a perfumed veil, as the last precious drop and a powerful elixir. This piece, like the scent of a woman leaving an unforgettable wake after its passage.

The ornament comes with a ring and a pair of earrings. The central motif of the necklace is detachable and can be worn as a pendant and offers the possibility of a worn shorter.

Like a fragrance declined in different intensities, "Captivating Wake" will also be offered in a lighter alternative.

Boucheron. Ring "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond, paved with diamonds, white gold.

Boucheron. Studs Earrings "Captivating Wake". Paved with round diamonds on white gold.

Boucheron. Necklace "Captivating Wake". Set with a pear diamond, paved with diamonds, white gold, diamond chain.