The game of seduction Boucheron: Coquette Powderpuff "Being a beauty ..."

Boucheron. Coquette Necklace Powderpuff. Set with an oval sapphire with diamonds, sapphires, blue, pink and purple, and feathers, white gold. The reasons are removable to be worn separately as a brooch, or adjusted according to the desire on the neck.

Appealing to women and help to attract around them is a dogma of the House of Boucheron since its inception in 1858.
Adornments Haute Joaillerie "Coquette Powderpuff" enthusiastically embraces this philosophy. Boucheron has explored the makeup kit for women to get out of this drawing: a jewel resembling a powder puff.
The use of the puff, made of feathers, was widespread at the time of Marie - Antoinette. The ladies of the Court used it to perfume, to powder and add a subtle glow to their faces. Flash Boucheron which is now attracting attention in reinterpreting the puff, white gold and precious stones planted in a powdered sapphire purple, pink and blue. The original element of this dress (besides the magnificent sapphire oval in the center that weighs more than 5 carats) is the insertion of feathers in the jewel.

All three puffs feathers is detachable and can be swiped at will on the collar. The puffs can be worn together, alone or in pairs. They can also turn on a spit. The feathers can be removed and replaced with others of different colors. The ensemble is completed by a pair of earrings.

Adornments "Coquette Puff" is also developed exclusive edition. The collar, playful, then formed a diamond scarf adorned with two feathers and pompoms gemstones. Again, the feathers can be removed and replaced by others of different shades and textures. The necklace goes with the earrings with puffs at the ends are also adorned with feathers and gems.

Boucheron. Earrings Coquette Powderpuff. Interlocking diamonds and sapphires, white gold.

Boucheron. Collier Coquette Powderpuff. Pave diamonds, blue sapphires, pink and purple, and feathers, white gold. The collar can be worn at various lengths with a running ring.

Boucheron. Earrings Coquette Powderpuff Interlocking diamonds and sapphires, white gold.


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