Friday, December 6, 2013


Form a series of at least three diamonds to make them disappear from the screen. Destroy the stone tablets by removing the diamonds that are placed on them. Generates combinations for special bonuses and additional items.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Healthy" Jewelry,

With summer comes (finally good that is supposed to arrived), magazines and pubs full of young anorexic women touting products and systems miraculous.
Obviously this is nonsense. Living healthily is to eat balanced and physical exercise. It's also good for morale, reduce stress and it makes it more beautiful
So here is a new collection of jewels "healthy" to give you courage to take you in hand (or just keep on track!)

With summer Arriving (gold Supposed to happen ...), magazines and ads are full of young anorexic girls Who are Trying to sell Various Products and Miraculous diets. Obviously, then this is all humbug. Being Healthy Is A Way of living, eating right and making sports. It's good for the Mind, Relieves your stress and Makes You Beautiful ^ ^
So here a new collection of "healthy" jewelry, Especially Made to Give You Some Courage to Make Some cleaning in your life (or just continue as you Already Do)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The set IS navaratna Stone have below: All navaratna Stone is as follows:

Emerald Emerald (Marathakam): Represents Mercury. Emerald (Marathakam) represents mercury. Said to Bring prosperity in education, banking and research. Said to bring prosperity in education, banking and research. Emeralds are Believed to Be Lucky for teachers, journalists and computer professionals. Emeralds are regarded as an opportunity for teachers, journalists and computer professionals. Believed to heal diseases related to the nervous system. Considered to heal diseases related to nervous system. Begin wearing it on a Wednesday, a year after sunrise hour. Start wearing a Wednesday, one hour after sunrise. Worn on the small finger. Worn on the finger.

Diamond Diamond (Heeraka): Represents the planet Venus. Favourable in Matters of the Heart, Timely Marriage and enhancement of beauty. Diamond (Heeraka): Represents the planet. Venus in favor of the heart, marriage timely and improvement of beauty. Worn on the ring finger. Worn on the ring. Within a year hour of sunrise on a Friday. In the hour of sunrise on Friday.

Pearl Pearl (Vycranth): Represents the Moon. Pearl (Vycranth): Represents the Moon. Believed to Bring Mental Peace, Economic prosperity, Higher Education and enhanced family status, ITS USE "during the period" of Its moon Brings Favors. Believed to bring mental peace, economic prosperity, higher education and enhanced family status, its use during the period of its moon brings favors. The Pearl est aussi Used to heal eye-related illness, "any mental disorders and to assist good location. The Pearl is also used to treat eye diseases, mental disorders and help a good location. Worn on the ring finger. Worn on the ring. Ideal Time to start wearing it would Be hour of sunrise year was Monday. Best time to start the port, it would be the time of sunrise on Monday.

Yellow Sapphire Yellow Sapphire (Pushyarag): Represents the Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire (Pushyarag): Represents the Jupiter. Brings luck and blessing from God. Bring luck and blessing of God. It Is "during the effective period" of Jupiter in your life. It is effective during the period of Jupiter in your life. The stone IS Believed to bless you with offspring, promotions, administrative Powers and "interest in Religious Matters. The stone is supposed to bless you with offspring, promotions, administrative powers and interests in religious matters. Start wearing it is from Thursday, year hour of sunrise, worn on the index finger. Start wearing a Thursday, one hour of sunrise, bring on the index.

Ruby Ruby Ruby IS Supposed to Be the Stone of the Sun. Ruby: Ruby is supposed to be the stone of the Sun. Ruby Gives intelligence and KM. Ruby gives intelligence and knowledge. Ruby Will Protect from dieseases, debts, enemies and Brings success and long life. Ruby protect against dieseases, debts, enemies and brings success and long life.

Coral (Pavizham): Represents the planet Mars. Worn on the ring finger. Coral (Pavizham): Represents the planet. Taken on March annulus. Supposed to Be When the MOST Favourable March IS prominent in one's life. Supposed to be the most favorable when Mars is prominent in life. Coral IS Widely Used to Enhance professional creativity, aid in the Gaining of land and property, and to Ensure Long-married life. Believed to heal blood related diseases, the best time to start wearing it would Be a Tuesday. Coral is widely used to promote the professional creativity, aid in obtaining land and property, and ensure a long married life. Considered to heal blood related diseases, the best time to start wearing it would be a Tuesday.

Cats Eye Cat's Eye (Vydoorya): Favors Brings "during the period" of Kethu. Cat's Eye (Vydoorya): helps provide during the period Kethu. Believed That the Use of Cat's Eye with help to Avoid miscarriage, allergies, heal urinary disorders and allergies Educational grant progress. Considers that the use of Cat's eye with the help to avoid miscarriage, allergies, heal urinary disorders allergies and grant educational progress. Worn on the ring finger is set in gold ring. Worn on the ring finger in a ring of gold. Begin wearing it on a Tuesday year Within hour of sunrise. Start wearing a Tuesday one hour of sunrise.

Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire (Neela): Represents the Saturn. Using it Brings luck and prosperity. Blue Sapphire (Neela): Represents the Saturn. Using it brings luck and prosperity. Mainly to do away with rheumatism and lung diseases, the Blue Sapphire IS Believed to help people Engaged in meditation and yoga. Mainly to get rid of rheumatism and lung diseases, the blue sapphire is supposed to help people engaged in meditation and yoga. Worn on the middle finger. Worn on the middle finger. Within a year after sunrise hour was Saturday. In one hour after sunrise on Saturday.

Hessonite Hessonite (Gomedha): Represents Rahu and hence Brings Luck DURING ITS Rule in your life. Hessonite (Gomedha): Represents Rahu and thus provides the opportunity during his reign in your life. Favours people Who wish to Be employed overseas and heals Illnesses related to the intestine, skin and veins. The Most auspicious time for the Use of Commencing this year Stone Within one hour of sunrise Saturday. Helps people who want to be employed abroad and cures diseases of the intestines, skin and veins. The best time to start using this stone in the hour of sunrise on Saturday. Worn on the ring finger. Worn on the ring.

Diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry has become a part of daily wear of the upper middle class of Kerala. Diamonds Are Being adventurously matched with metals like platinum and white gold for a chic, contemporary look. Diamonds are adventurous paired with metals like white gold and platinum for a chic, contemporary. There are ever-favorite baguettes, Marquis, classical and white diamonds equally fashionable black, blue and brown diamonds. There are chopsticks always preferred, Marquis, classic white diamonds and also the way in black, blue and brown diamonds.

The Weight of Diamond Is in terms of Carat (Carat Diamond 1 = 200 Milligrams of Diamond). The weight of diamond is in terms of Carat (1 carat = 200 milligrams Diamond). The 4 C's (Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and Color) bran diamond and has determined it's true value. The 4 C's (Cut, Clarity, carats and color) and feature a diamond determines its value. Ornaments with precious and semi-precious stones move very slowly in the market.

Ornaments of precious and semi-precious move very slowly on the market. Except for diamonds, there is No Resale value for comma au precious stones. Except for diamonds, there is no resale value for other gemstones. Delicate ornaments as well as "Diamonds are Mostly Purchased by the rich. Refined ornaments and diamonds are purchased mainly by the rich. While the middle class buyers included the Who majority of Customers in middle and small jewelers' shop do not opt for the very intricate designs as They Are and costlier Loses Much In one STI exchange. Although buyers of the middle class who constitute the majority of customers in a medium and small traders jewelers not to opt for models extremely complex because they are more expensive and it loses much of its trade. Another Reason Being Hand ITS chance of breaking it faster frequent use. Another main reason being the possibility of breaking the fast frequent use.

Graphically followings are created diamond jewelry ideas. Here are ideas graphically created diamond jewelry. They Are not "any actual photographs of jewelry. They are not pictures of all your real jewels. Is a jewelry and fashion portal with academic interests "in jewelry styles and trends. is a portal for fashion and jewelry with academic interests in jewelry styles and trends. We do not sell "any fashion Produce gold gold jewelry products. We do not produce or sell any fashion or jewelry products.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Three pins and clip-shaped flowers, 1960

Boucheron. 1960. Spindle

Platinum and gold 18 kts pink enamel guilloche background. Leaves and the pistil are accented with baguette diamonds and brightened.

Cartier. Pin rosehip

yellow gold, diamond pistils. Signed and numbered.

Clip-shaped pink. French work. 1960.

Boucheron Jewelry Paris Jewels.

Art Deco diamond bracelet by Boucheron, circa 1929.

Comprising a flexible tape, pad size small round diamonds old, diamonds and squares the largest diamond baguettes set geometric decoration pyramidal degrees out on each side by a succession of rollers set with round diamonds size 8 / 8 and rods, platinum setting, punch French.

Tiara Necklace "laurel" diamonds, Boucheron.

Comprised of articulated links with decoration of flowers bay set with diamonds falling old, 40.5 cm., Gold mount and silver, in its green morocco blue monogrammed.

Necessary rubies and sapphires by Boucheron.

The rectangular, with openwork flowers, butterflies and birds punctuated with rubies and sapphires on the bottom mirror discovering three compartments and two lipstick tubes, frames in gold and silver, French hallmarks, in its case, around 1950.

Poudrier ruby by Boucheron.

The rectangular silver, with openwork butterflies and flowers in engraved gold and pierced on the bottom mirror, punctuated with cabochon rubies, yellow gold clasp discovering a powder compartment, circa 1950, French hallmarks, with his wallet and box.

Poudrier sapphires and rubies, Boucheron.

The rectangular silver, with openwork gold leaves and butterflies dotted with sapphires and rubies round, against a mirror, revealing a powder compartment, circa 1950, in a beige suede bag in a box Boucheron, punches French.

Poudrier rubies, Boucheron and tube lipstick on.
The compact square shape silver decorated with flowers and butterflies on the bottom engraved gold mirror, gold ribbed clasp compartment revealing a powder, lipstick tube-suite punctuated rubies and synthetic rubies, punches French, circa 1950. The compact signed Boucheron Paris, no. 875012, tube no. 539. Accompanied by two evening bags in satin black and white grosgrain (4) Estimate € 400 - € 600 ($ 503 - $ 755)

Pair of earrings, rings, ring Boucheron, Dior ring, bracelet and brooch flower citrine

Pair of earrings in yellow gold and platinum, each formed of a fish set with a citrine pear, head, fins and a hook that holds, set with brilliant cut diamonds.


White gold ring adorned with faceted citrine cabochon in a beautiful shoulder lines alternating diamonds and sapphires.


Boucheron. Yellow gold ring decorated with a model Esmeralda citrine cabochon in a circle of three ellipses set with faceted citrine.


Flower brooch set with citrine oval many, stem and leaf curved united set with garnets Demantoid. Painted about 1960.


DIOR. Ring Mizzah model, half-rod yellow gold flecks of black enamel adorned with a citrine cabochon held by four claws also spotted.